From the recording The Electronic Edge Remix

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Written by Bryant Micheal Waghorn
Executive Producer Bryant Micheal Waghorn


Here I stand, on the edge of it all
With my life to live and the need to fall
Can't take this life anymore
I need to fly I need to soar
Fire burnin' in my veins
A voice is screaming out my name

Why can't I just have peace
Why is this my disease
Make them stop, I beg I plead
I cut myself; they make me bleed

I know mantras won't save me
I am a creature of philosophy
I can't see what this life has planned
I need someone to hold my hand
As I walk the halls of home
I've never felt this, so alone

And I take a stroll down memory lane
Never thought I'd feel all this pain
Their carelessness for what their bodies made
Makes me wanna run, wanna run away

On the edge of it all, Oh-Oh-Oh
On the edge of it all, Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh
On the edge of it all, Oh-Oh-Oh, 1,2,3,4